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Beret (Andreasdattar) STEIEN

Hans O (Olsen) (Hellerud) HILLERUD

  • Born: 22 Sep 1848, Dovre, Lesja, Oppland, Norway
  • Christened: 29 Oct 1848, Dovre Kirke
  • Marriage: Beret (Andreasdattar) STEIEN on 12 Jul 1873 in Bardu, Troms, Norway
  • Died: 20 May 1908, Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA aged 59
  • Buried: Bethany Chapel Cemetery, Whatcom County, Washington

bullet  Burial Notes:

There is an Internet listing:
This lists the correct dates for Beret but the dates for Hans O Hillerud are different. Not B22sep1857 and D1911 as Marna has but what I have put in here.

Cemetery: Bethany Lutheran Cemetery Name: Hans O Hillerud Date Of Photograph: October 17, 2009 Photo can be seen at: Image file size: 74.8 Kb Hans O Hillerud 1848-1908

Additional Comments: According to sources it has been the policy at this church to bury members on the west side of the church and non-members east of the church. If looking straight-on to the church, Hans was buried on the east side. File at:


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Remarks: History of Dovre, Oppland, Norway,,. History
People have lived at Dovre for about 6,000 years. In the stone age, they were primarily hunters and fishermen. Approximately 2000 years ago, the first farms were developed at this location.
Dovre is mentioned in the Heimskringla (The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway) by Snorri Sturluson. In 1021, King Olaf laid hold of all the best men, both at Lesja and Dovre, and forced them either to receive Christianity or suffer death, if they were not so lucky as to escape.
The Pilgrim's Route (Old King's Road) between Oslo and Trondheim in the 16th century passed through the Gudbrandsdal valley. After leaving the valley of the Lågen (downriver from present day Dombås it passed over the Dovre Mountains into the present-day municipality. The heavy stream of annual pilgrims who visited the shrine of St. Olaf in Trondheim prior to the Reformation resulted in the erection of mountain stations where the pilgrims could find food and shelter. In speaking of this route, Gjerset quotes Peder Claussøn Friis as writing:
But in the winter people of high estate, as well as members of the court, travel mostly this way, because however high and deep the snow may fall, it blows together on the high mountains and becomes so hard men and horses can walk on it. The bonder run over it on ski and snowshoes. There are three stations: Drivstuen, Herdekinn, and Fogstuen built on this same mountain in order that travelers may find lodging there. …at the stations there are implements and dry wood, so that the traveler may build themselves fire, and not suffer from cold, when they have to remain over night, and cannot find the way across the mountain

• Remarks:, in Ibestad, Troms, Norway. Ibestad (Northern Sami ) is a municipality in Troms county, Norway. It is part of the Hålogaland traditional region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Hamnvik. Some of the larger villages in Ibestad include Sørvika, and Laupstad.
The municipality encompasses the two islands of Andørja and Rolla, which are connected by the Ibestad undersea tunnel. The Mjøsund Bridge connects Andørja to Salangen on the mainland. The highest point in Ibestad is the mountain Langlitinden at a height of 1,276 m (4,186 ft) above sea level.
Ibestad was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt).
In 1854, the Bardu area was separated from Ibestad to form a municipality of its own.

• Remarks: in 1848, in Dovre, Lesja, Oppland, Norway. Ole Hanson (Hans O's father) uses Hellerud as his last name on Hans O baptism. This also appears when Hans is vaccinated for smallpox a few months later.

• He appeared on the census in 1865 in Ibestad, Troms, Norway. District no. 8 School distr. Roldoens sondre Local parish Ibestads Parish Ibestads Farm Vik*
Cattle 1Sheep 1Barley 3/8 Potatoes 2
Ole Hansen Husmand uden jord. Maler. Skrædder g 49 m Lesø Præstegjeld
Marit Hansdatter Hans kone g 44 k Lesø Præstegjeld
Hans Olsen Deres søn ug 18 m Dovre Præstegjeld
Guri Olsdatter datter ug 14 k Dovre Præstegjeld
Soffie Olsdatter Deres datter ug 7 k Ibestad
Ingeborg Olsdatter Deres datter ug 5 k Ibestad

The census states that Ole is 'Uden Jord' meaning that he does not own the land. He is a Skraeder which is a Tailor. A Maler translates as Templates?

• He appeared on the census in 1875 in Bardu, Troms, Norway. Kretsnr 9 Herad Bardu Bustad nr. 53 Bustad Stejrud
Gardnr 405c Hestar 1Kyr 3 Sauer 4 Bygg 1/2 Poteter 1

Hans Olssen m hf g Gaardbr. Gaardejer og Bødker 1848 Dovre S. og Prgj
Berit Andreasdatter k hans Kone g 1849 Bardu b
Gyda Marie Hansdatter k deres Datter 1874 Bardu b
Gurine Olsdatter k Tjenestepige ug Tjenestepige 1857 Maalselvens S. og Prgj. b
Rebekka Johannesdatter k Tjenestepige Gjeter og Barnepige 1864 Bardu b
Hans' occupation is "Gaardbr. Gaardejer og Bødker" which translates as he owns the land and also is a Cooper (A Cooper is a craftsman who makes barrels and casks of wooden sticks)

• He had a residence on 2 Jun 1878 in Stejrud. info from Andreas Steien's baptism record

• He had a residence on 26 Aug 1880 in Stejrud. Anna was born there

• He appeared on the census in 1891 in Bardu, Troms, Norway. Viewing the pictures of the original census books says that Hans O Hellerud was living on the farm Steien with a total of 4 males and 7 females.

• He appeared on the census in 1900 in Molund, Bardu, Troms, Norway. Last name now listed as HELLERUD
Olaf and Karl (Andrew) have already immigrated to Minnesota
Economic life must have been tough as Hans O is temporarily working in the town of Bardu as a Carpenter and Cooper. He is staying with his brother-in-law Halvor Steien
Hans B is temporarily working in Sweden as a farm labourer.
Molund is now a street in Saetermoen, Bardu, Norway

25 Bardu 6 42 7 Molund
Hans Olsen Hellerud m f Elvevold i Bardu hf g Bøkker og tømmermand 1848 Daavre Krs
Beret Andreasdatter k b hm g Husgj. 1849
Karoline S.Hansdatter k b d ug Husgj 1878
Hans B.Hansen m f Sverge s ug Gaardb og Jorbrugsarb. 1884
Marit M. Hansdatter k b d ug 1888
Olga M. Hansdatter k b d ug 1890

• He immigrated on 26 Jun 1901. from Norway on the ship Salmo
Utvandret fra Målselv og Bardu 1867-1930
699 26.6.1901 Hans Olsen Hellerud gift arb. 52 Bardu Crockston, Minn Salmo
700 26.6.1901 Bereth Hellerud kone 52 Bardu Crockston, Minn Salmo
701 26.6.1901 Sofie Hellerud datter 22 Bardu Crockston, Minn Salmo
702 26.6.1901 Hans Berg Hellerud sønn 16 Bardu Crockston, Minn Salmo
703 26.6.1901 Marie Hellerud datter 13 Bardu Crockston, Minn Salmo
704 26.6.1901 Olga Hellerud datter 11 Bardu Crockston, Minn Salmo
Bill. bet. i Amerika
Hans Berg is listed as Residence: Salangen which is to the west of Bardo

via Liverpool and Philadelphia
HELLERUDBerit 1849 F 1901Liverpool USA Philadelphia
HELLERUDHans 1849 M 1901LiverpoolUSA Philadelphia
HELLERUDHans 1885 M 1901LiverpoolUSA Philadelphia
HELLERUDLofie 1869 F 1901LiverpoolUSA Philadelphia
HELLERUDMarst 1888 F 1901LiverpoolUSA Philadelphia
HELLERUDOlga 1890 F 1901LiverpoolUSA Philadelphia

I have a picture of a ships passenger list that shows:
Arrived in Philadelphia on 03 July 1901
Travelled on the ship SS Noordland

• He appeared on the census in 1905 in Washington, State, USA.

• Death certificate: in 1908, in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA. The age at death is stated as 60 years 3 months and 22 days which would calculate as January 28th, 1848 but I have found the entry in the Dovre, Oppland, Norway Kirkebokker (Parish register) and there it states his birthdate as September 22nd.


Hans married Beret (Andreasdattar) STEIEN, daughter of Andreas Olsen STEIEN and Gisken Halvorsdattar HECTOEN, on 12 Jul 1873 in Bardu, Troms, Norway. (Beret (Andreasdattar) STEIEN was born on 27 Oct 1848 in Maalselven, Bardu, Troms, Norway, christened on 21 Apr 1849 in Maalselven, Bardu, Troms, Norway, died on 20 Jan 1930 in Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington, USA and was buried in Bethany Chapel Cemetery, Whatcom County, Washington.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Hans and Beret were married. brudgom Ungkr. Bødtker Hans Olsen Hellerud Dovre Pr.gj Ibestad
brur Pige Berit Andreasdtr.Bardo
brudgommens far Ole Hansen
bruras far Andreas Olsen
trulovar M. Højden Lundberg
trulovar Ole Hansen Viik
lysingsforlangar Brudgom.
Marriage no.Serial no.YearMarriage dateParish/Church
145 4 1873 12.07

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